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Tāmata Toiere aims to provide comprehensive information about waiata and haka (Māori song, chant, and dance). Where possible, this will include the lyrics, a translation, an explanation of the context behind the composition and the reasons it was composed, a biography of the composer, an audio file, a video file, any photos of relevance, and a list of references for further study.

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Composer Song Title Year Reference No.
Kingi Kiriona, Te Harihari Kōrero 2007 KIR001
Tīmoti Kāretu, He aha rā kei te tau o taku ate? 1988 KAR006
Tīmoti Kāretu, Aku kanohi kau 1981 KAR005
Tīmoti Kāretu, Aue! Taukuri! 1982 KAR004
Tīmoti Kāretu, E noho ana 1981 KAR003